This website has been designed to help you to make effective use of all of your skills and experience whilst at Anglia Ruskin, not just focussing on the academic side of your degree studies. The Vice Chancellor wrote this in his introduction to the Anglia Ruskin Personal Development Portfolio:


"Through the Personal Development Portfolio we encourage you to focus on a range of skills not necessarily directly related to your degree. Why do we do this? The reason is that those employers who take on new graduates are not only interested in your degree but are looking for evidence that you have a range of other skills which will make you a valued member of their workforce. 60% of graduates will enter jobs that are not related directly to their degree subject so clearly your subject knowledge is not the only thing employers are after.


"For this reason, we are doing all we can to help our students to ensure that they can convince employers and others that they have the keys skills that are being looked for, such as team-working or problem-solving. Some of the evidence for this will indeed come from activities you undertake as during your studies. But you will also want to record the evidence for skills such as team-working from what you do outside your university studies. 'Personal development' is just that - ‘personal’ - so it is up to you to find appropriate evidence from your own experience."


Take a few moments to look around the website. The structure of the site reflects the elements of the portfolio document that we provide for you to record your personal development in six main skills areas.


Please note that this website is incomplete at present - we wanted to make some resources available as early as possible in 2008-09, but aim to add materials through the year. We will also be seeking feedback from students and staff to ensure that we provide the best service possible.