Most undergraduates have to juggle all sorts of conflicting requirements, balancing their studies with home life, often a part-time job, and leisure. This demands time management and planning, and these are other skills that are valued highly outside the University as well as within it.


Organisational skills break down into three areas:


  • Assigning priorities
  • Planning skills
  • Time management, timetabling and working to deadlines


Note that all three of these are equally important. If you don't set priorities, you will become overwhelmed because you will try to respond to every call on your time. Planning sets the agenda - sorting out what you want to achieve. Time management is how you do it. The whole suite combines to provide the elusive 'work-life balance' (or sometimes just a 'work-work balance').

You can also find out some other ideas by looking at the exemplar portfolio, that you can download from the Your Portfolio page.


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